About Us

We started only just in the middle of 2018 as nothing but a idea between a Team of people that just love music and then soon crew into something real, when we first started we hosted our stream on nothing but a old PC which we have running in the garden shed to keep it cool. We have now developed into the station that you see before you today, we have invested in some of the latest software and hardware to make sure that you receive our stream in the best possible quality.

We have worked so hard to get our station to this level of broadcasting and unfortunately we do not receive any government funding towards the monthly running costs of the station, we solely rely on the finance from our station directors and the kind donations of our loyal listeners and presenter we have here at the station.

We are also always looking out for new talent here at Kiss FM as well as our sister station Impulse Radio so if you have the dream of becoming a radio dj then we can help you make that dream a reality, simply drop our studio team and email with all of your contact information and a 15 min demo of you talking and the style of music that you like to play and we will get right back to you.