Craig Pilley

Craigyboy is a 32-year-old that has 15 years of experience in radio for many different stations. One thing Craig is really fussy about is the quality of the sound his show brings. A huge amount of time (and money!) has been spent ensuring we make the best sound possible. Most of the imaging (jingles) you hear on the show has been made by Craigyboy himself ensuring the whole show package is tailored to suit Craigyboy style.


So more about Craig, well he lasted one day at Hospital Radio, let's just say there are a few 'chancers' in that field! I am really hands on and I couldn't cope with starting from the bottom, that is what you get for spending many years messing about with computers and radio equipment teaching yourself I suppose!

One thing I have taken from all this, is that radio is a very hard game to get into! I hold my hands up to anyone that has got a job in radio. I'm lucky in a way as I've got support from some great people and friends who, like me, have all tried different things in radio to further their career. My best friend Aaron has been a massive part of this setup and technical parts. He is a fellow presenter and a self-confessed computer geek(!). He is the man who hosts the show technical side & website plus my 'go to' guy when I need to discuss the next steps of furthering the show. For that reason, I owe him a massive thank you!


The Big Saturday Night Show keeps you up to date with the latest music & charts in the first hour. We get requests come in from the listeners by message or by using our online request feature or by calling the studio 020 377 344 98. (Normal Landline So No Extra Charge) Or Dropping Us a Text. Text SHOW + Ur Msg To 80011 (Standard Network Charge)

We also host features like Disco Throwback, Reverse a Chorus, Guess The Intro, Artist Of The Month, 7 Song Shuffle & Craigyboy's Triple Tracker - More information on them are explained in the show or via the blog. Then we turn your attention to the 'Saturday Night Rewind', which throws us back to some great forgotten tracks of any year & any genre. This has proved to be a very popular two hours of the show from 9pm - 11pm

In the final hour, we play Dance Anthems Where we fill the hour with old school tracks, dance remixes of chart songs & of course, Floorfillers. You can also find Craigyboy getting the decks out and mixing some tunes together (On Special Occasions). We cover it all here so please do join us and get a mention or your song request on the show.